Southend Wheelers Cycling Club
A mixture of new features and pieces from the archive


Produced Notes
March: Early season TT Mar 2021 A look back at some early season TTs from the 1970s
January: Awards Dinner Jan 2021 A look back at the annual awards dinner
December: Cylocross Dec 2020 A look back at Cyclocross races
November club runs Nov 2020 A look back at the Club Run
October in years gone-by Oct 2020 October means only one thing - Hill Climb
September in years gone-by Sep 2020 September has seen some great time trial performances
August in years gone-by Aug 2020 A look back at events from August including the Andrews Road Race and Normal Wells TT
July in years gone-by July 2020 A look back at events from July and a list of Norman Wells winners
June in years gone-by June 2020 Chris Smith and Bob Barber have been through the archives
May in years gone-by May 2020 Our first cub run in 1923 and Kernesse Races in 1964
2019 Yearbook (pdf) Jan 2020 A review of 2019 in pictures
2019 Roll of Honour Jan 2020 2019 Award Winners
QR Magazine (pdf) March 2019 New magazine format, produced by Chris Smith
Silver Jubilee Magazine (pdf) 1948 One from the archives!
75th Anniversary (pdf) June 1998 A piece taken from The Echo about the Club's 75th anniversary
2018 Yearbook (pdf ) Jan 2019 Produced for the Awards Dinner
2018 Roll of Honour Jan 2019 2018 Award Winners
National Paras (pdf) June 2018 Southend Wheelers had the honour of hosting the National Paracycling TT and Road Race
2017 Yearbook (pdf) Jan 2018 Produced for the Awards Dinner
2017 Roll of Honour Jan 2018 2017 Award Winners
Going Under (pdf) 1998 List of Southend Wheelers who have broken the hour for a 25 mile TT
2016 Yearbook (pdf) Jan 2017 Produced for the Awards Dinner
2016 Roll of Honour Jan 2017 2016 Award Winners
2015 Roll of Honour Jan 2016 2015 Award Winners
2014 Roll of Honour Jan 2015 2014 Award Winners
2013 Roll of Honour Jan 2014 2013 Award Winners
2012 Roll of Honour Jan 2013 2012 Award Winners
2012 Calendar (pdf) Jan 2012 A fun calendar listing all the major international cycle races with photos of Wheelers in action
2011 Roll of Honour Jan 2012 2011 Award Winners
2010 Roll of Honour Jan 2011 2010 Award Winners
2009 Roll of Honour Jan 2010 2009 Award Winners
London to Southend (pdf) July 2008 A piece taken from The Echo about the annual London to Southend bike ride