Winter Tips 1 - Spare Gloves
Simon Alexander (Richardsons-Trek)

In the first of a new series of tips and advice to make sure the weather doesn’t ruin your riding, Simon Alexander of Richardsons-Trek shares one of his essential training hacks from the pro peloton.

“When it's raining take a spare pair of gloves in a carrier bag and change half way round the ride, so you've got warmer and drier hands for the return, which can do your morale a world of good!

I learnt this a few winters back after stopping for a coffee, or to fix a puncture, and putting wet gloves back on, unsurprisingly, didn't feel all that amazing.”
Simon adds: “My second tip would be, when it’s cold and, or wet, stopping for coffee isn’t a great idea. I relearn this every winter when you leave a nice warm café and get back on the bike. Instead, I’d suggest you push on a little more to maintain your body temperature and by cutting out the coffee stop, you’ll also save getting cold and the dreaded ‘café legs’.”

Gloves - what more is there to say

Get your gloves right and you get to the top of the podium
Get your winter training right and you get to ride the summer criteriums from the front

Tip#1 - Gloves

If you'd like to share your number one tips on riding in the cold and wet, what essential kit you swear by for particular conditions, how to burn off the winter 'padding', dietary advice, etc, then please email them, along with a photo or video to


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