Winter Tips 2 - Layers
Jamie Maidment (Southend Wheelers)

The prospect of heading out on your bike on a cold, wet and blustery morning can be about as attractive as watching a ‘sensitive’ Channel 4 documentary about people with custard fetishes. So to help make sure the weather doesn’t ruin your riding, Jamie Maidment has some great advice to inspire you to get out there, whatever the conditions.

“Lots of layers are better than fewer, thicker layers. If it's ‘really’ cold I wear a woolly base-layer, bib shorts, tights, thin jersey and a thicker jersey, then either a gilet or a jacket - depending on whether I'm likely to take it off or not.

I've also discovered this year that a dedicated winter boot is much better than a thick sock/shoe/overshoe combo. And mudguards are your friend. Seriously.”

Winter Boots - last time Simon gave us gloves, this time Jamie gives us boots. Keeping your extremities warm is half the battle.
Remember a true Gilet does not have pockets; they are only worn on chilly descents.
Winter Hat - keeping your head and ears warm will help keep your core warm

If you'd like to share your number one tips on riding in the cold and wet, what essential kit you swear by for particular conditions, how to burn off the winter 'padding', dietary advice, etc, then please email them, along with a photo or video to


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