Winter Tips 3 - Pineapple Juice
Adam Jones (Southend Wheelers)

Most people take a bottle out with them on a bike ride or when they do a turbo session but the synthetic taste of many energy drinks can be a bit much.
“Unless I’m competing in a TT, participating in a sportive or doing some intensive training, I prefer natural foods and drinks over gels, bars and powders,” says Adam Jones.

“I came across a great recipe in Henrik Orre’s ‘Velochef’ book for this simple, refreshing and vitamin-rich drink. Just take a bottle of unsweetened pineapple juice and pour 400ml into a measuring jug, then add 600ml of water and distribute evenly into two bidons.

The pineapple gives you a natural sugar hit, while delivering vitamins A and C into your body. It also contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein. In other words, it stimulates your digestion and helps your body to burn off heavy food from the night before.”

Pineapple Juice - available from all good, and some bad, supermarkets
Many people would mix roughly in the bidon, consistency can only be achieved in a jug.
Always take two bidons in case you drop one. Hydration is just as important in winter.

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