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  • Group Turbo Training sessions at The Todman Centre width:640;;height:390
  • Don't forget your towel - Turbo Training is hot stuff width:640;;height:426
  • As well as Turbos, riders are also using rollers (far right) width:640;;height:352
  • Terry Butcher & Andrew Streeter are ejoying every minute width:492;;height:480
  • Nice cap Ben! width:640;;height:467
  • Turbo training sessions are attracting members young and old, male and female width:640;;height:383
  • Jordan Kemp gets a little help from Graham Pearl on the rollers width:320;;height:480
  • Emma Curtis & Becky Pearl width:606;;height:480
  • Alex Madell width:345;;height:480
  • Marc Holdich (furthest back) can be seen practicing his Time Trial position width:640;;height:426
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