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  • The starting line up of the Sprint Elimination Race, feauring defending champion Simon Alexander and last year's first veteran Martin Harris. How will they do this year? width:640;;height:427
  • We join the action after 7 elimination rounds with Daniel Harley, Martin Harris & Denise Kemp at the wrong end of the bunch width:640;;height:427
  • Denise is eliminated but she adds the Ladies Sprint Elimination Title to her earlier victory in the Ladies Road Race width:640;;height:427
  • We move forward a couple of laps having lost Daniel Harley, Martin Harris & Graham Pearl. This time it is Chris Smith who leaves the race width:640;;height:427
  • The last two veterans remaining sees Gareth Crompton beating Terry Butcher to the 2012 Veteran's Title width:640;;height:427
  • Ex-Mountain Biker Russell Whitford puts up a great fight, but the youngsters push him to to 3rd place on the podium width:640;;height:427
  • Defending champion Simon Alexander out-sprints Junior Elimination Champion James Gander to retain his title width:640;;height:427
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