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  • Hannah Shean; fastest Wheeler in the GHS 10 width:800;;height:533
  • James Jenkins before his unfortunate crash width:800;;height:533
  • Hannah Kane, this time finishing behind her friend Hannah Shean width:800;;height:800
  • Denise Kemp in full Time Trial mode width:800;;height:533
  • Bruce Gander as aerodynamic as possible width:800;;height:533
  • Hannah Shean on the return leg width:482;;height:800
  • James Jenkins with a bloodied knee width:533;;height:800
  • Hannah Kane width:533;;height:800
  • Denise Kemp width:533;;height:800
  • Bikes everywhere! Andy Amiger on his way out and Bruce Gander heading home width:800;;height:485
  • Bruce Gander has been having a very consistent season width:533;;height:800
  • Andy Amiger has several victories in 2013 to his name width:533;;height:800
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