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  • The Elimination event started with a fun event for the youths width:800;;height:533
  • On each lap the last rider across the line is eliminated from the race width:800;;height:533
  • James Jenkins and the two Hannah's were the last 3 surviving racers width:800;;height:533
  • Hannah Kane cleverly drafts James Jenkins to eliminate her friend Hannah Shean width:800;;height:533
  • James holds off Hannah in the final lap width:800;;height:533
  • Hannah Kane has the consolidation of being the last surviving girl width:800;;height:533
  • A large field assembled for the Main Sprint Elimination Race; the judges were in for some tough calls width:800;;height:533
  • Eventually Ben Willy outsprints Russell Whitford for his second championship victory of the day width:800;;height:533
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