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  • Mother and daughter team: Denise Kemp & Jordan Kemp width:650;;height:562
  • width:399;;height:650
  • The second Ladies Team: Carol Cartwright and Jule Kane width:517;;height:650
  • An EETC / Wheelers mix team of Jennie Page and Hannah Kane width:500;;height:650
  • EETC: Janice Bown and Jan Burrows width:598;;height:650
  • A young team: Liam Ellis and Jack Evans width:410;;height:650
  • Allen Dawson & Kevin Harwood width:519;;height:650
  • width:586;;height:650
  • width:433;;height:650
  • John Gretton seems to have lost his partner! width:341;;height:650
  • width:396;;height:650
  • Another mixed team: Simone Collins & Jenny Harley width:433;;height:650
  • Peter Stiff and John Forsyth width:501;;height:650
  • Dan Jenkins and Phil Warner width:429;;height:650
  • Brendan Roberts & Russel Whitford width:650;;height:585
  • width:516;;height:650
  • Richardson's Trek taking the honours: Lloyd Chapman & Simon Alexander width:650;;height:584
  • Father & daughter team: Nick Elliston & Katie Elliston width:579;;height:650
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