London to Southend Bike Ride

A group of Southend Wheelers braved the weather to join 4,800 other cyclists in the annual Hearts First London to Southend Bike Ride.

An early start was the order of the day to try and get home before the rain starting. A large yellow train consisting of Mark & Martin Elms, Ben Willy, Martin Harris, Dave Elkington, Kevin Harwood, Denise Kemp, Terry Butcher, Mike Knott, Kevin Franks plus a few friends and relations set a good pace and like the HTC train at Le Tour, riders began to fall off the back. The leading trio of Mark & Martin Elms and Ben Willy completed the course in around 2 hours and 40 minutes, closely followed by the second group of Martin Harris, Denise Kemp and the two Kevins. The wind was helpful most of the way and the rain kept away until early afternoon, meaning the riders were only at risk of a soaking on the way home!

A brief report has been published by The Echo


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