Tour Series at Colchester

On 30th May a few of us children went to watch the second round of the Tour Series in Colchester. There was a women's race and a men's race which lasted for 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Both races were really good with a lot of up and coming talent
Local legend and Giro d'Italia stage winner Alex Dowsett Ladies race winner Hannah Barnes

The ladies race was very interesting because after the first two neutralized laps there was a sprint. Hannah Barnes was the sprint leader going into the first round and wanted to improve on her lead and defend it so contested the first sprint. She managed to win it in style which came in handy for her as she managed to gain a lead on the main group. This lead gradually got bigger and bigger as the race went on despite the group behind trying to reel her in. There was one stage where the gap was reduced to nine seconds, but Hannah pushed on in one lap to open the gap to about 30 seconds. With one more sprint to follow and Hannah still in the lead, she had managed to defend her sprint jersey and add to her points total. There was no stopping Hannah in this race and she won it in style by about 30 seconds. What an amazing race! The men had a lot to live up to.

An hour and a half later the men took their turn on the 1.5KM circuit for an hour. Again, like the ladies, they had a two-lap neutralization but at a slightly faster speed. The race soon commenced and it was much closer than the ladies race. There was a lead group, a chasing group and a smaller group which consisted of the less experienced riders. Kristen House was the race leader going into the men's sixth round, but was unfortunately not in the leading group. As the race progressed, the leading group opened up their lead by over one minute and even though the chasing group were working well together, they couldn't catch the leaders. Jon Mould won the sprint and beat the other two riders in the leading group.

Hannah Barnes took the overall lead in the ladies race as well as the lead in the sprint competition. Kristen House is currently leading the sprint competition for the males and Jon Mould is the race leader in the male competition.

There was a massive highlight to the day when we bumped into Alex Dowsett who came to watch the race with a few of his mates. After him waving to us from the other side of the road, he decided to watch the racing on the side where we were standing; he was a couple of people away from us! Hannah Shean and I wanted to have a picture with him, so we went over and he came running towards us. When we asked him for a picture he said: 'I thought you were leaving so I was going to take your space!' Hannah and I got a picture with him and we came to the conclusion that he has a very firm bum!

It was a very good day and I would recommend going to watch one of the other rounds or the race next year. It was also nice to see some girls racing who I have raced before, the talent level was really high!


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