2016 ECCA Festival

The 2016 ECCA Festival events are fast approaching and we are keen as a club to retain the trophy we won last year. If you are interested in entering any of the time trials on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 30th April and 1st/2nd May, the details are as follows

Saturday 30th April - all events at Hog Hill
09:15 - Under 8s and Under 10s Road Racing
09:45 - Under 12s Road Racing
10:15 - Girls Under 14s and Girls Under 16s Road Racing
11:00 - Boys Under 14s Road Racing
11:45 - Boys Under 16s Road Racing
13:00 - Junior Road Race
13:01 - Ladies Road Race
14:30 - Go Race (4th Cat & Novices)
15:15 - Regional B Road Race (3rd & 4th Cat)

Sunday 1st May - all events at Hatfield Heath
08:00 - National B Road Race (E/1/2/3)
10:00 - Map Reading Event
14:00 - 25 Mile Time Trial

Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday) - all events at High Easter
08:00 - E92/14 - 14 mile time trial for single riders or 2ups
11:30 - E92/5 - 5 mile time trial for single riders
14:00 - E91/10 - 10 mile time trial for single riders. This event counts towards the Sunday League
10:00 - 110km Randonee
11:00 - 50km Randonee
11:00 - Under 16s Fun Skill Challenge

All these events are based around the Easters/Leaden Roding area except the Saturday event at Hog Hill and the Sunday Hilly event which is at Hatfield Heath.

These events can all be entered online but for every one you enter a 1 charge is added even if you try and enter them all together though a single entry for the club can be made by collating all entries.

The Randonee can also be entered online as far as I know without a penalty unless you pay by paypal, and details of this are on the aukweb.net website. The Randonee is also based around the Easters and on Monday whilst the Time trials are taking place. The 53km starts at 11am and the 110km starts at 10am. Please get your entries in early for this as the places are limited.

If you are more interested in the Festival Road races taking place on the Saturday at Hog Hill you will need to go onto the easterncounties.org.uk website. The Junior events are on during the morning for youngsters from U8's , U10's, U12's and U14's. There is a go race event early afternoon and that is all on the bottom circuit only finishing up the hill for Cat 4's and beginners. Later the other categories are riding. These events don't cost any more to enter online.

Finally there is a map reading competition on the Sunday. Apparently this is pretty tough. It is a team of two event and details are on the easterncounties.org.uk website. Previous entrants are Jane and Martin Harris, John Ellis and partner and Simon and Kate Broad if you need any more information.

From Terry Anderson

We invite you to once again enter the ECCA Festival Randonnees on Monday 2nd May based on High Easter Village Hall.

There are two events:
110km (start 10:00)
52km (start 11:00)

The easiest way to enter is via the Audax UK Website (aukweb.net, just click on the event's entry in the Calendar and follow the instructions to enter. Alternatively use the Entry Form (pdf)

Remember that rides in these events earn points in the Festival Team Competition.

Terry Anderson



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