Southend Wheelers were very well represented in the Abberton RR today by Jamie Maidment, David Pennington, Peter Stiff, Paul Hart and Ben Willy. The first three laps were quite cagey, a few attacks including some from Dave, Pete and Jamie but nothing that was going to stick due to the strong headwind on the drag past the reservoir.
Unfortunately Jamie, Dave and Ben were caught up in a crash on the forth lap, Ben was very quick to get back on his bike and managed to chase back into the bunch ...with Pete and Paul. Dave and Jamie spent the next lap and a half trying to chase back in, picking up a few lone riders on the way but, even with the extra manpower, as soon as we hit the headwind the gap to the bunch became unreachable and that was our race effectively over.
Paul, however, had attacked with another rider but dropped him on one of the hills! Committed, he continued for a lap by himself but was suffering in the wind and thought he would soon be caught by the bunch. Fortunately, another lone rider successfully bridged over to him and the two riders soon extended their lead from twenty seconds to over two minutes!
Obviously, Paul won the sprint Ben and Pete both finished safely in the bunch.