2016 July Racing and Time Trial Update

Wednesday 27th July - Wednesday League, Steeple
Only 11 riders tonight (must be holiday season). Jamie Maidment was fastest rider, Adrian Cartwright fastest Vet and first on Vat Age Std, Denise Kemp fastest Lady and Andy Merchant set a PB to be first on Handicap.    Results     Tables

Wednesday 20th July - Wednesday League, Steeple
The warmest week of the year resulted in 3 course bests and yet another age record for Ladies Vets, this time Carol Cartwright taking the honour with 30:52. Eileen Bristow was not able to break a 4th record in her 4th race of the year.
Fastest rid:er was James Jenkins with a course best of 21:49, David Pennington was second with a course best of 22:44 and Jamie Maidment third with a course best of 23:24. Elsewhere Simon Smith was fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Std in 25:17 and new member Charmain Sterling fastest Lady and First on Handicap with 27:23. Results        Tables       Age Records

Sunday 17th July - TA 100 B100
Ian Mackenzie rode the 100 mile TT in 6:01:56 on his Trike.

Wednesday 13th July - Wednesday League, Steeple
David Pennington followed up his Championship ride on Sunday with victory at Steeple with his fastest time on the E21 course, Jamie Maidment was second again. Bruce Gander was fastest Veteran and first on Vet Age Std. Andy Merchant set a PB to be first on Handicap, Jan Harvey was fastest Lady and Katie-Ann fastest Junior. Andy Armiger (EETC) was fastest on the night. Results      Tables

Sunday 10th July - 2016 Championship 10, Bulphan E34
David Pennington is the 2016 10 Mile Champion with a time of 21:59, Jamie Maidment set a PB of 22:51 to take second place and first on Handicap, Simon Smith also set a PB in becoming fastest Vet and first on Vet Age Standard. Phil James rounded off the PBs in 4th while Jan Harey was fastest Lady in 5th. Jordan Kemp was fastest junior.
Peter Stiff rode the event on his mountain bike in a time of 26:50, this is the best Fat-Tyre ride of 2016 so far.
Whist Lloyd Chapman of Pedal-Heaven wad fastest rider on the day in 19:42, the ride of the day must have been Eileen Bristow who in her third time trial of the year has set her third Age Record breaking 35 minutes to record 34:38 at the age of 80. Results    Tables   Photo Gallery (flickr)

Wednesday 6th July - Wednesday League, Steeple
Back to 10 miles today and Simon Smith was quickest with a time of 25:05, Denise Kemp fastest Lady and fastest Veteran and Katie-Ann Eliston fastest Junior. But ride of the day must go to Eileen Bristow who has set her second age record of the year with a time of 35:29.    Results    Tables

Tuesday 5th July - Maldon 25 Mile Time Trial, Steeple
Rather like when the Tour de France steps into another country (this year Spain, Andorra and Switzerland), the Wednesday League stepped into new territory by including one of the Maldon 25 mile Time Trials in the season. James Jenkins was fastest rider overall comfortably beating the hour, David Pennington also beat the hour, Chris Smith III was fastest on Handicap and Martin Sutton fastest Veteran. Results    Tables
Trivia of the day: Andorra is a small principality high up in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. Is the official language Heads: French or Tails Spanish?
It is or course neither, it is Catalan.

Sunday 3rd July - Norman Wells 50 Mile Time Trial
Colin Ward of Essex Roads is the 2016 Norman Wells Trophy winner with a time of 1:48:10. Six Wheelers entered the event with 3 finishing; Peter Stiff 2:07:18, Chris Smith III 2:08:25 and Jamie Maidment 2:11:19. This was Peter's PB and Chris's first ever 50 mile TT.  Results    Tables

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