Southend Wheelers Awards Dinner
Class of 2016 Collect Their Trophies

Saturday 21st January saw the annual awards dinner, hosted at Ballards Gore Golf Club for the third time. Awards were presented by Category by Club President Dave Whybrow, Club Chairman Terry Butcher and Club Awards Secretary Chris Smith. Barry Simpson, ably assisted by Arthur Knowler, was on hand to take photographs. Richard Gill also provided some entertainment from his magic show.

Age Related Records
Four veteran riders broke age records for 10 mile time trial:
Carol Cartwright (63): 30:52
Steve Shore (69): 23:00
Mike Hennessy (75): 23:35
Eileen Bristow (80): 37:01, 35:29 and 34:38

Our Age Related Record Breakers: Mike Hennessy, Steve Shore & Eileen Bristow
There is a certain breed of rider who look forward to the cold, the wet and the mud. They are if course our Cyclocross riders
Hannah Kane: Brian Stroud Memorial Trophy (Best Lady for the 8th year running)
James Jenkins: Junior Cyclocross Champion
Peter Stiff: Senior Cyclocross Champion
Our Cyclocross Champions: Peter Stiff, Hannah Kane & James Jenkins
Track Cycling
At least Cyclocross bikes have gears and brakes and turn right occasionally! The Club Track Championship is held at Herne Hill each year, the 2017 edition will be on 16th July. One of our racers does have an advantage for this discipline....
Barry Simpson: 200m Flying Lap & Elimination Race
Chris Smith (snr), Nick Elliston, Mark Waller & Bob Barber: Team Pursuit Winner
Katie-Ann Elliston: Juvenile Track Champion, Junior Track Champion & Ladies Track Champion
Bob Barber: Sprint Winner, Perfect Lap Winner, Scratch Race Winner & Overall Track Champion 2016
Our Track Cycling Winners: Katie-Ann Elliston, Barry Simpson, Bob Barber & Nick Elliston
Road Racing
Each year the club holds its own private Road Race championship, it has been held at Gravesend Velopark for the last 3 years but it will be returning to Hog Hill for 2017, on Sunday 4th June to be precise. Not all of the races are totally series - the Tandem and Relay Races have to be seen to be believed
Denise Kemp & Jordan Kemp: Tandem Champions
Mike O'Kill, Peter Stiff & Nick Elliston: Relay Race Champions
Chris Penington: Eimination Race Champion
Chris Smith III: Novice Category Winner
Jack Evans: Junior Road Race Champion
Hannah Shean: Ladies Road Race Champion
Peter Stiff: Veterans Road Race Champion
David Pennington: Club Road Race Champion
Our Road Race Champions: Dave Whybow, Nick Elliston, Peter Stiff, David Pennington
James Jenkins, Bob Barber(?), Jordan Kemp & Denise Kamp
Regional and National Road Race Awards
We have a number of awards that recognise the success of club members who ride in Regional and National Races
Paul Hart: Ian Henley Cup for best placing in the Eastern Road Race League
Dave Whybrow: Roy Godbeer Memorial Trophy for the most Veteran points in the season
James Jenkins: Senior Road Race Cup for the most points in British Cycling Events
Sunday Time Trial League
Time Trialling has been the bedrock of British, and hence many club's, cycle racing. If you are struggling for motivation, cast your eye to the Dengie Penninsular for inspiration; Alex Dowsett, a Grand Tour Time Trial winner, former hour record holder and multiple national champion started is career on the Steeple Time Trial course. The Sunday League comprises events of 10, 25 and 50 miles plus the Club Hilly Time Trial. 100 mile, 12 hour and 24 hour Awards are also available should you wish to give it a go...
Katie-Ann Elliston: Juvenile Champion, 2nd Junior
Jordan Kemp: Junior Champion, 2nd Lady
Peter Stiff: Vets Champion plus 3rd in both the Handicap and Scratch Leagues
Lesley Pearce: Ladies Champion
Chris Smith III - Phoenix Cup for Scratch League Champion & Goss Brothers Cup for Handicap Champion

Plus there were also awards for James Jenkins, Barry Simpson, Terry Butcher, Denise Kemp & Jamie Maidment
Our successful Sunday League Time Triallists: Barry Simpson, Denise Kemp, Lesley Pearce
Peter Stiff, Jordan Kemp, Katie-Ann Elliston, James Jenkins, Chris Smith III & Jamie Maidment
Wednesday Evening Time Trial League
Wednesday Evening 10s are our most popular events and to try and increase riders we wil be alternating our events this year between Steeple and East Hanningfield. Sharing with Essex Roads will reduce our marshalling requirement and is a shorter drive from home.
Katie-Ann Elliston: Juvenile Champion & 3rd Junior
Simon Smith: Veteran Champion & 2nd Handicap
Andy Merchant: Handicap Champion
Hannah Kane: Ladies Handicap Champion and 3rd Lady
Denise Kemp: Ladies Champion, First Lady Vet and 2nd Veteran
James Jenkins: Wednesday League Champion & Junior Champion

Plus there were also awards for Jordan Kemp, Terry Butcher, Zena Shean, Lesley Pearce, Jamie Maidment and David Pennington
The winners from our popular Wednesday League: Andy Merchant, Lesley Pearce, Denise Kemp, David Pennington
Jordan Kemp, Kate-Ann Elliston, Simon Smith, Hannah Kane, Jamie Maidment & James Jenkins
Other Time Trial Trophies
There are also some special Time Trial events that warrant their own trophy.
Chris Smith III - Easter Cup. Usually held on Easter Monday at Steeple
Jamie Maidment - Hilly TT. An undulating course between South and West Hanningfield
James Jenkins - Fremnells Cup awarded at the Roy Godbeer Non-Aero Time Trial
Peter Stiff - Fat Tyre Trophy - fastest 10 mile TT on a 'mountain' bike
Ben Willy - Hill Climb. An October tradition, at Little Baddow.
James Jenkins - Christmas Pudding TT. Precedes the Christmas Lunch
Winners from the Special Time Trial Category: Chris Smith III, Peter Stiff & James Jenkins
Championship Time Trials
Each year we have special Championship events - fastest (wo)man on the day wins the cup.
David Pennington: 10 Mile Cup
James Jenkins: 25 Mile Cup
David Pennington: Founders Cup for the Fastest 50
Ian Mackenzie: 12 Hour Cup
Katie-Ann Elliston: Juvenile TT Champion
James Jenkins: Junior Club TT Champion
Peter Stiff: Bleriot Trophy for fastest average speed over 10, 25 and 50
Steve Shore: Bert Spencer Trophy for highest total Handicap Time over 10, 25 and 50
Ian Mackenzie: Mignot Trophy for highest average speed over 25, 50 and 100
Katie-Ann Elliston: Juvenile 10 Mile Cup
Jordan Kemp: Junior 10 Mile Cup
James Jenkins: Junior 25 Mile Cup
Jan Harvey: Fastest 10 by a Lady
Denise Kemp: Fastest 25 by a Lady
Steve Shore: Haden Cup for fastest Vet Standard for 10
Jamie Maidment: BAR - Best All Rounder across 10, 25 and 50 mile Time Trials, the Club Hilly TT and the Club Road Race

Unfortunately Paul Hart was not able to attend to receive his awards for Senior Club TT Champion, Club Handicap TT Champion and the Wiestra Cup for fastest 25
Our Club Time Trial Champions: Peter Stiff, Steve Shore, James Jenkins, Jan Harvey, Ben Willy
Denise Kemp, David Pennington, Jordan Kemp, Ian Mackenzie, Jamie Maidment & Katie-Ann Elliston
Committee Awards
There are a range of committee awards that recognise special contributions
David Pennington - Windsor Cup for Most Improved Rider
Carol Cartwright was given a special mention for her Time Trialling improvement
Martin Harris was given this year's light-hearted award for his efforts in the French Alps
Jane Harris was given a special thank-you, and a bottle of bubbly,  for organising the dinner
Jamie Maidment was awarded the Parsons Rose Bowl for his contributions to the club. Very well deserved.
The prestigious Parsons Rose Bowl and Most Improved Rider Awards:
Jamie Maidment & David Pennington
All of our 2016 Winners


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