May Racing and Time Trial Update


Wednesday 31st May - Roy Godbeer Non-Aero Time Trial, Steeple
Jamie Maidment is the 2017 Non-aero Time Trial Champion, clocking a time of 25:10, also good enough for First on Handicap. Once again this event produced a decent turn out with Peter Stiff Fastest Veteran and First on Age Standard. Katie-Ann Elliston was Fastest Lady and Carol Cartwright Fastest Lady Vet.
Quickest rider on the night was Simon Alexander of Richardsons-Trek in 22:42, just 5 seconds quicker than team-mate James Jenkins. Results   Tables

Tuesday 30th May - Maldon 10, Steeple
Tom Franklyn recorded a time of 26:15.

Wednesday 24th May - Wednesday League, Steeple
On a great night for time trialling we had 5 PBs and 2 CBs (course bests); leading the way was Peter Stiff with a course best of 23:49 also good enough for First on Handicap and Vets Age Standard. Charmaine Sterling was fastest Lady and Clayton Thomas Fastest Junior. John Gretton, Ross Taylor, Peter Harley, Andy Merchant and Clayton Thomas set PBs with a Course Best for Julie Kane.
Fastest rider on the night was Tim Torrie of HMT. Results      Tables

Tuesday 23rd May - Maldon 10, Steeple
Jamie Maidment recorded a time of 23:49, fastest rider on the night was Alex Dowsett with 19:15

Sunday 21st May - Maldon Open 50, Steeple
Chris Smith III beat two hours to record a PB of 1:59:07, good enough for 4th overall. With only few 50 mile TTs completed, this has consolidated Chris's position in the Best All Rounder competition.   Results   Tables   BAR

Saturday 20th May - ECCA Championsip 10, Six Mile Bottom
Paul Hart and Mick Hennessy were our two entries for this event.

Wednesday 17th May - Wednesday League, East Hanningfield with Essex Roads
Just 6 Wheelers braved the wet weather tonight with Peter Stiff taking the honours of Fastest Wheeler, First on Handicap and First on Vets Age Standard. Carol Cartwright was fastest lady on a night where the Ladies made up half of the field. Results   Tables

Tuesday 16th May - Maldon 10, Steeple
Jamie Maidment recorded a time of 24:19 - pleasingly under the 25 minute mark. Fastest rider on the night beat the 20 minute mark with a new course record of 19:06. You can probably guess that his name was Martin Harris Alex Dowsett.

Saturday 6th May - Lea Valley 10, E2
Mike Hennessy broke his own Age Record for 76 with a stunning time of 25:41 up at Six Mile Bottom. An excellent ride.

Sunday 14th May - Club Hilly TT, South Hanningfield
After 3 laps of the Hanningfield circuit, Chris Smith III is the 2017 Club Hilly Champion, Peter Stiff was fastest Veteran and Lesley Pearce fastest Lady. Completing the Hilly is also mandatory for the BAR. Results   Tables   BAR

Wednesday 10th May - Wednesday League, Steeple
David Pennington continued his great form with his third Wednesday victory and sixth of the season so far with a time of 26:30, also good enough for First on Handicap. Once again Peter Stiff was second, fastest Veteran and First on Vets Age Standard. Daniel Harley was fastest Junior and Kate-Ann Elliston fastest Lady. Elsewhere there were 2 Personal Bests - John Gretton 26:30 and Andy Merchant 28:04. Mick Hennessy's time of 29:23 is the fastest that the Webmaster has in his archives so could also be a PB. Fastest rider on the night was James Jenkins of Richardsons-Trek in 22:09 - a touch slower than Alex Dowsett's 19:27 from ;ast night's Maldon 10. Results      Tables

Sunday 7th May - Maldon 25 Mile TT, Steeple
Chris Smith III was 3rd overall with his Personal Best time of 58:21. Peter Stiff 1:02:52 and Jamie Maidment 1:07:04 were our other two riders. Fastest rider overall was Colin Ward down in the 52s.

ECCA Festival - a message from our club chairman
A very big thank you and well done to everyone who made the time to support the club by getting involved in the ECCA Festival this past Bank Holiday Weekend. By marshalling, racing or participating in the non-competitive events, 29 members and friends helped us amass a very healthy total of 201 points over the three days. Unfortunately this wasnít enough to secure a hat-trick of wins in this annual inter-club competition; although no other clubs fielded a team anywhere near as numerous, we were beaten into 2nd place by Lea Valley Youth CC who scored 225 points (all results subject to confirmation).
Todayís showing was particularly impressive; Southend Wheelersís yellow and black colours predominated at High Easter Village Hall and the ECCA president was particularly thankful for our support, saying that without us the Festival would be much the poorer.
Special thanks to Denise Kemp for once again acting as chief motivator and to Jamie Maidment for his efforts in trying to whip up a meaningful challenge from other clubs. Extra special thanks to Denise for providing a seemingly endless supply of delicious fudge and flapjacks!
I appreciate that a Bank Holiday Weekend creates difficulties for some members, but if you didnít take part this year, please consider how you might get involved next year and help us take back the trophy. After all, us grown-ups (with apologies to Katie-Ann!) donít wonít to be beaten again because of our inability to field any competitors in the youth and junior events!
Terry Butcher Ė Club Chairman

Picture: Southend Wheelers at High Easter Village Hall. (Adrian Cartwright)

Wednesday 3rd May - Wednesday League, East Hanningfield with Essex Roads
Fresh from his treble at the ECCA Festival, David Pennington was fastest Wheelers around the East Hanningfield with a time of 24:20, also good enough for First on Handicap. Peter Stiff was Fastest Veteran and First on Vets Age Standards. Katie-Ann Elliston was Fastest Lady. Fastest rider on the night was James Jenkins of Richardsons-Trek with a time of 24:05 on a road bike. Results     Tables

Monday 1st May - Mike Dixie 10 Mile Time Trial
Ian Mackenzie recorded a time of 31:04, which is his fastest time since at least 2012 (that is as far back as the Webmaster's results go!).
He also recorded a time of 1:27:45 for the 25 Mile TA Eastern Time Trial. Both times were, of course, on his trike.

Monday 1st May - ECCA Festival 100km Randonee, High Easter
For those not suited to Racing and Time Trialling, the Randonee gives club members another way to earn Festival Points for the Southend Wheelers. The route heads East from High Easter to Great Leighs, then South to the familiar territory of Boreham, East Hanningfield and Stow Maries before heading North up Hagg Hill, passed chez-Dowsett to Utling then North-East to Kelvedon before turning West back to High Easter via Silver End, Cressing and Felsted. Route Map
An interesting day was had with the large group consisting of Adrian & Carol Cartwright, Jane and Martin Harris, Andy Merchant, Cheryl Perry, Julie Kane, Lesley Pearce, Dave Whybrow and Andy Merchant (Dan Jenkins rode the event solo - apologies to other Wheelers not mentioned).  There was a brief shower early on but it was dry for the rest of the day, with the weather getting better as the day progressed. Martin had a puncture about 6 miles in but didn't quite fit the tyre properly, though well enough to prevent any pinching before fixing it properly later. Lesley had a mechanical (or shall we call it an electrical) and had to call out International Rescue (Peter Stiff) who had his inter-Time Trial recovery period interrupted with a rescue mission to the Peartree Tea Rooms and Julie  had a minor incident on Hag Hill for the second year running. Overall a great route and we got back to High Easter to share Festival Stories with our time-trialling buddies.
Nothing confirmed yet but the early indications are that we have not done enough to the retain the Festival Trophy.

Monday 1st May - ECCA Festival 10 Mile Time Trial, High Easter
This race is also part of the Sunday League and we have another good showing with 9 entries.
David Pennington was fastest Wheeler and 3rd overall as well as recording the fastest time of the season so far in 22:05. Peter Stiff was fastest Vet in second place with 24:28. Denise Kemp was fastest Lady and also making Festival Appearances for us were Barry Simpson, John Gretton, Terry Butcher and Chris Smith (snr). Full Results    Sunday League Tables

Monday 1st May - ECCA Festival 5 Mile Time Trial, High Easter
Surely this is a Prologue rather than a Time Trial? Anyway 10 of the 23 entries are Southend Wheelers
David Pennington: 9:55 (3rd overall)
Peter Stiff: 10:34 (Fastest SW Vet)
Barry Simpson: 11:02
Jamie Maidment: 11:02
John Gretton: 11:41
Jan Harvey: 12:21 (Fastest SW Lady)
Chris Smith (snr): 12:39
Terry Butcher: 12:41
Arthur Knowler: 12:48

Monday 1st May - ECCA Festival 14 Mile Time Trial, High Easter
Southend Wheelers have one Ladies Team in the Gentlemen's 2-Up and six solos on the Start Sheet
David Pennington: 33:01
Jamie Maidment: 35:26
Peter Stiff: 35:56
Terry Butcher: 43:36
Arthur Knowler: 43:46
Denise Kemp & Jan Harvey 2-Up: 41:43

Sunday 30th April - ECCA Festival 25 Mile Time Trial, Hatfield Heath
This race is part of the Sunday League and the Southend Wheelers have 5 solo entries and one 2-Up on the start sheet.
On a very windy day, Chris Smith III was the only Wheeler to break the hour, recording a PB of 59:13. Peter Stiff was a little way back on 1:03:51, Jamie Maidment 1:04:29 and Denise Kemp 1:14:04. Our 2-Up Team of Barry Simpson and Katie-Ann Elliston were 1:08:41. Results  Tables

Sunday 30th April - ECCA Festival Road Race E123, Hatfield Heath
Paul Hart is our sole entry in this race but we do have Simon Alexander, Kieran Brady and Luke Hattersley of Richardsons-Trek to cheer on as well.
Unfortunately Paul Hart DNS.

Sunday 30th April - ECCA Festival Map Reading Competition
Unfortunately Southend United's final game of the season (well maybe not, the play-offs are still a possibility) has meant that Team Harris and Team Cartwright are not entering the competition this year.

Saturday 29th April - ECCA Festival Road Races, Hog Hill
The 2017 ECCA Festival kicks off with the Junior Road Races at Hog Hill with the Southend Wheelers represented by Katie-Ann Elliston.
Katie-Ann was 6th overall but more importantly 3rd from the ECCA qualified clubs. A great result, especially as she was taking part in the track league last night.

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