Winter Racing and TT News


Saturday 14th October - ECCA Hill Climb, Radar Hill
Chris Smith III was 4th with a time of 2:15:82 and Katie-Ann Elliston was 26 seconds quicker than last year with a time of 2:53:41 and 2nd Lady

Sunday 8th October - Lincoln 25
Ian Mackenzie has beaten his time from last week to set another Age Record for 25 Miles on a Trike - 1:26:20. Age Records

Saturday 7th October - Lincoln 10
Ian Mackenzie recorded a time of 35:16 after stopping to help a fellow rider who crashed.

Sunday 1st October - TA 25
Ian Mackenzie recorded a time of 1:27:52 on his Trike which means that he has set Age Records for 71 for 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles and for 12 hours. What a year he has had. Age Records.

Sunday 1st October - Maldon Road Race
Chris Smith III, Dan Pugh and Steve Sach were our entrants in this race.

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