Southend Wheelers in Mallorca
Day 1* - All Roads Lead to Petra

April is here and long time Mallorca veterans Dave Whybrow and Les Bantock are wondering why so many Wheelers have come out to join them. Last week they had Steve and Denise Kemp for company and this week they have Jane and Martin Harris, Mike and Zena Shean, Terry Butcher, Martin Sutton and Mike O'Kill (celebrating his n0th birthday). Maybe they come here to get away from us all....
CicloSol (other tour operators are available) run a large training camp with at least 5 levels of riding group, so something for everyone. On Day 1* we all assembled outside the hotel to choose what group to ride in. Group 3 was a popular choice, with an 'Essex' subgroup of the two Martins, Terry, Mike and Zena boosted by Kevin from EETC and a contingent from Essex Roads, Norfolk and Canada. Dave, Les and Mike were in a different Group 3 and Jane in Group 4.5. Groups 1 to 4 all met for lunch at Petra where a little group changing occurred for the few people who had chosen the wrong group.
Southend Wheelers (one in wrong uniform) await the day's ride

The day started chilly, a hangover from yesterday's rain, but the forecast was for a windy, but warm day. And indeed for a good week. The Essex Group 3 left Puerto Pollenca via the back lanes, reaching Petra by way of Sa Pobla, Llubi and Sineu. The ride out was steady, with a helpful tailwind, as the riders found their legs but those Spanish Omlette Baguettes did the trick and the speed back home as a good 2 mph faster, despite being into the wind most of the way. The route home as via Maria de la Salut, Muro and the marshes. Rather than struggle into the wind along Pollenca bay, our guide Robbie had chosen the inland route via some quiet lanes ending in a spint on the outskirts of town.

Not content with the 60 miles (and almost 17mph average), the early finish allowed a few of us the chance for a bonus 10 mile loop to the viewpoint at Coll de sa Creueta (on the road to Cap Formentor); this is a cheeky little 225m climb at an average of 5% so a good little tester after today's ride.

Southend Wheelers at Coll de sa Creueta being photo-bombed by East Essex Tri 
*This actually Day 8 for Dave Whybrow and Les Bantock

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