Southend Wheelers in Mallorca
Day 2 - English Weather

The second day is here and the weather forecast has changed again. Initially it was rain early morning and then clearing up but it changed to a nice morning with rain in the late afternoon. Both of these scenarios would have been fine, but it changed again to a fine morning with rain by lunchtime. The ride plan for the day had been for Groups 1-4 to climb the Col de Femenia (515m) and ride along the mountain ridge to Coll de sa Batalla (the petrol station) but with the rain predicted to arrive earlier and earlier the decision was made to ride the plains of central Mallorca with an early return to base to avoid the worst of the weather. Steve and Denise will be thrilled to learn that the forecast for the rest of the week is glorious.

Group 3 Essex left Puerto Pollenca via way of the back lanes again and onto the 'reeds road', turning off before Sa Pobla and stopping for coffee at Muro. The climb into Muro offered a good little tester and Martin Harris took advantage of his position near the front of the peleton group to sprint to the top and take the mountains points. The skies still looked clear so we headed inland towards Santa Margalida before looping back to Muro where the rain started, exactly as predicted by the local weather station (I am taking that as good news as it means that the forecast for the rest of the week is likely to be accurate too). Luckily the rain stopped when we had a mechanical in Sa Pobla but the ride home via the Pollenca road and the 'drain lane' was very wet. Martin Sutton took the sprint for the line at the outskirts of Puerto Pollenca. At least the rain was warm and it was an enjoyable 47 mile ride.

Group 4 did a slightly shorter loop via Campanet and almost beat the weather, but they too got wet on the return home.

The rain did not last that long and an enjoyable afternoon was taken in one of the (many) beach bars.

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