Southend Wheelers in Mallorca
Day 3 - Puig de Randa (Cura)

Day 3 is here and as forecast, the weather is superb. Blue skies 20 temperatures and a cooling breeze - more a Factor 50 than arm-warmer day. Most groups were heading for Puig de Randa (Cara monastery) with different routes and distances. Group 1 were doing a 100+ mile day, Group 2 a 90 mile day, Group 3 a 80 mile day and Group 4 a 70 mile day. Group 4.5 had a slightly shorter day with a ride to the beach resort of Son Serra de Marina, halfway between Alcudia and Arta on the North Coast./

The Puig de Randa is a hill-top monastery, just below (below? - south) of the middle line of Mallorca in the central plains that has great views of the whole island. You can look down on airplanes as they land at the airport, you can see all of Palma Bay, the entire line of the Tramuntana Mountains, Pollenca Bay, Alcudia Bay and the coastlines of the East and South. Not surprisingly it is a popular spot so the pressure was on to get there in time to get a table for lunch.

Phone Cameras do not do the scenery justice - looking towards Pollenca Bay from Randa
Group 3 Essex, bolstered with our Canadian friends, took a relatively direct  route via Pollenca, 'the bumps' and the strange lane next to the motorway to the hill-top village of Buger (Martin Harris taking the mountain points). We then took in some lovely quiet lanes (well apart from all the other cyclists!) to the village of Sancellas, where Terry Butcher strung the group out on the climb into the village, taking the mountain points). Next up was the delightful town of Algaida and finally the town of Randa and the climb to Cura. Martin Harris took advantage of his position at the front to be first up the climb (18 minutes from the junction to the height sign just before the monastary). Martin Sutton was slightly delayed starting the climb but overtook most, if not all, of the other riders.

Lunch was taken before a ride back via Porreres, the stunning San Juan, Sineu (where for some reason we crossed the railway line 3 times), Llubi, Sa Pobla, the 'march road' (where we met fellow Wheeler and European Champion, Bob Barber), Platja d'Alcudia, Alcudia and the coast road home. It got a little fast on the home straight and Terry took the sprint into town. Overall 86 miles at an average speed of around 17mph.

Mike O'Kills group also rode to Randa but he went to the wrong meeting point at the base of the climb and came home with another group. Didn't see Dave or Les,  ut that doesn't mean that they weren't there.

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