Spring Racing and TT News


Wednesday 30th May - Roy Godbeer Non-Aero, Steeple E21
A delightful summer's evening and a large turnout for this popular event in memory of Roy Godbeer. As well as the usual riders (and marshalls) we had club president Dave Whybrow, Nick Elliston and Les Bantock making their first appearance since last year's event, Paul Hughes' first TT of the year, rare Wednesday outings for Martin Sutton and Jane Harris, Arthur Knowler's first TT for two years and Martin Harris' first TT since July 2015.

Paul Hughes took virtually all of the prizes as Fastest Wheeler, Fastest Vet, First on Handicap and First on Vet Age Standard. Katie-Ann Elliston was fastest Lady, just a handful of seconds ahead of Jennie Page and ex-Wheeler Simon Alexander of Richardsons-Trek was fastest rider.
Other rides of note include Cheryl Perry's recent best of 30:13 as she closes in on the 30 minute mark, good enough for second on Handicap. The non-aero element shakes up the Handicap with Dave Whybrow's solid ride placing him third on handicap and Martin Harris was fourth on Handicap after cramping near the end when on track to break his course best of 28:59. Arthur Knowler lost time dropping a bottle and David Pennington rode fixed.
Results      Tables

Tuesday 29th May - Maldon 25, Steeple E21
Jamie Maidment 1:04:47

Sunday 27th May - ECCA 25, E2
Paul Hart was fastest rider overall (by some 2 minutes) and now has the fastest 10, 25 and 50 for the club this year, coupled with his Hilly TT victory he is in prime position in the BAR with the Road Race to go. David Carey's time of 55:08 was his best as a Wheeler and Jamie Maidment set a PB of 59:089. Shame this one doesn't count to the league. BAR Standings

Wednesday 23rd May - Wednesday League, Steeple E21
Another clean sweep for Peter Stiff with his Course Best time of 23:38 making him Fastest Rider, Fastest Vet, First on Handicap and First on Vet Age Std. Elsewhere Andy Merchant set a Course Best of 26:55 and Cheryl Perry was Fastest Lady in her Best Time of 30:18. Results     Tables

Tuesday 22nd May - Maldon 10, Steeple
Simon Smith 26:10

Sunday 20th May - Maldon Open 50, Steeple
Chris Smith III set a PB of 1:56:07 as he was second overall, fastest Wheelers and First on Handicap, David Carey set a time of 2:05:21 in his first 50 as a Wheeler, taking the prize for First on Vet Age Std and Fastest Veteran. Jamie Maidment was just outside 2:10 and Barry Simpson set a PB of 2:18:18. Andy Merchant rode his first 50 in a credible time of 2:24:42 and Terry Butcher was sadly unable to beat the 2:30 mark. Results     Tables

Saturday 19th May - ECCA 10
Andy Merchant recorded a time of 24:35, just 6 seconds outside his PB

Saturday 19th May - The Blue Egg 100
Alright not a race or a TT, the webmaster took advantage of the conditions for a 100 miler via Thaxted, The Blue Egg and Maldon. Average of 17mph, not exactly Paul Hart-esque, but Road Bike, no TT bars. And 4,000 calories of beer and curry to look forward to tonight. As I rode it all solo, can I claim this as the fastest 100 mile TT of the season so far?

Wednesday 16th May - Wednesday League, East Hanningfield E18 with Essex Roads
5 Course Bests tonight on a surprisingly chilly evening. Peter Stiff led the way winning every category with a course best of 24:44. Four of the five next riders all set Course Bests; Dave Carey 25:08, Jamie Maidment 26:17, Simon Smith 26:58 and Andy Merchant 27:32. Carol Cartwright was Fastest Lady. Results   Tables

Tuesday 15th May - Maldon 10, Steeple
Jamie Maidment 25:19 and Steve Shore 27:05

Saturday 12th May - ECCA Championship 50
Amazing ride from Paul Hart, not only setting the club record of 1:34:37 (that is almost 32mph average!), but a new NATIONAL Record. I think we know where the "best performance in an open event 2018" award is going. Report

Spring Trike Results
Ian Mackenzie has been in Trike TT Action:
Saturday 5th May TA Eastern C10 - 33:15, 4th from 9
Monday 7th May Mike Dixie 10 V714 - 32:19, 5th from 9

Wednesday 9th May - Wednesday League, Steeple.
David Pennington was quickest on the night with Peter Stiff in second taking Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Std. David Carey took third place and First on Handicap on his first ride as a Wheeler. Clayton Thomas (EETC) was Fastest Junior and Katie-Ann Elliston Fastest Lady and Fastest Juvenile. Jennie Page and Cheryl Perry both set PBs. Results     Tables

Monday 7th May - ECCA Cycling Weekend 10, E91
All three of our riders recorded course bests on the E91; Chris Smith III was fastest Wheeler in 22:31, Jamie Maidment second but First on Handicap with 23:54 and Denise Kemp was Fastest Lady & Vet with 28:12. Results    Tables

Sunday 6th May - Maldon Open 25, Steeple
Only 4 Wheelers racing today but Chris Smith III set his fastest time on the E21 in 56:25, just 8 seconds outside his PB, while Peter Stiff set a PB of 1:00:42. Jamie Maidment and Denise Kemp were our other riders. Results   Tables

Saturday 5th May - ECCA Regional A Race
Dan Pugh was 24th

Wednesday 2nd April - Wednesday League, East Hanningfield, 10.7miles with Essex Roads
Peter Stiff was Fastest Wheeler, Fastest Vet and First on Age Std with a time of 25:44. The only honour he missed out on was First on Handicap (he was second), this was taken by Andy Merchant as he set his best time on this course. Katie-Ann Elliston was Fastest Lady. Results     Tables

Sunday 29th April - Club Hilly TT, South Hanningfield
A cool and breezy day greeted the 2018 Hilly, this year based at the Essex & Suffolk Water Cafe at Hanningfield Reservoir, but using the usual circuit. Paul Hart was fastest rider in 0:42:49 with Chris Smith III and Jamie Maidment making up the podium. Peter Stiff was fastest veteran and Katie-Ann Elliston fastest Lady and the only Junior or Juvenile entrant. Results     Tables

Wednesday 25th April - Wednesday League, Steeple. 10 Miles
On a wet spring night Peter Stiff took most of the honours, his time of 25:48 was fastest Wheeler, Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Std. Katie-Ann Elliston was Fastest Lady and Cheryl Perry First on Handicap. Results    Tables

Tuesday 24th April - Maldon 10
Jamie Maidment recorded a time of 25:45

Sunday 23rd April, Travers MTB Series, Potash Woods
Peter Stiff was 7th despite needing 3 stops to clear debris from his rear wheel. Race was won by new Wheelers Robert Staines.

Wednesday 18th April - Wednesday League, 10.7 miles, East Hanningfield with Essex Roads
Summer has arrived with 5  Wheelers setting a course best on the E18 course. David Pennington was fastest Wheelers in 25:30 just 18 seconds quicker than Peter Stiff who was both Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Standard. Dan Jenkins was First on Handicap and Katie-Ann Elliston fastest Lady.
Those setting their course bests were Dan Jenkins, John Gretton, Katie-Ann Elliston, Jennie Page and Hannah Kane. Results    Tables

Tuesday 17th April - Maldon 10, Steeple
Jamie Maidment has put a marker down for the Fat Tyre trophy with a time of 29:16

Wednesday 11th April - Wednesday League 2-Up
A total of 10 teams, including 6 of Wheelers, braved the damp conditions that greeted the start of the 2018 Wednesday League with the traditional season-opening 2-Up. Fastest Wheelers were Dan Jenkins and Jamie Maidment in 25:54. Next two teams highlighted a Ladies rivalry with Jennie Page (partnered by Dave Pennington) pipping Katie-Ann Elliston (riding with Barry Simpson) to second place. Adrian Cartwright and Terry Butcher won the battle of the Vets teams over Cheryl Perry and Andy Merchant with the mother-and-daughter team of Julie and Hannah Kane a couple of minutes behind.
Fastest team on the night was guest riders Will Swarbarick and James Ambrose-Parish in a time of 22:54
Results        Tables

Tuesday 10th April - Maldon 10
Jamie Maidment recorded a time of 26:56. Someone called Alex won with a time of 20:39

Sunday 8th April - TA 25 Mile TT, B17
Ian Mackenzie was firs on handicap with a time of 1:26:08. This is a new Age Record for 71 for Trike. 25 Mile Age Records

Monday 2nd April - Easter Egg TT, Steeple
For many the Easter Egg TT represents the start of the Time Trial season, though April showers would be a better description of the weather today.
Paul Hart was 2018 Easter Egg Champion in a time of 21:30, faster even than Richardson-Trek's James Jenkins. This Paul's fastest time on the E21 course. Peter Stiff was fastest Vet and first on Vet Age Std. Elsewhere EETC youngsters Clayton Thomas and Grace Goodall had good races, Clayton was fastest Junior and First on Handicap and Grace was fastest Lady. Clayton's time was his best in any Southend Wheelers event and Grace's time was her best in any Wheelers event on the E21 course. Jordan Kemp was fastest Southend Wheeler Lady and Lesley Pearce fastest SW Lady Vet. Results    Tables

Friday 30th March - ECCA 25, E91 Aythorpe Roding
Chris Smith III set a PB of 56:17 and Pete Stiff narrowly missed the hour in 1:02:33. Steve Shore punctured and DNF, else we would have been on course for the Team Title

Saturday 24th March - ECCA 10, Six Mile Bottom
Andy Merchant set a PB of 24:29 on his first ride on the legendary E2 course near Newmarket and Mike Hennessy set a new Age Record for 77 with 27:13. Steve Shore rode a fairly impressive 23:42. What a start to the season. 10 Mile Age Records

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