National Para cycling Time Trial
Saturday 9th June 2018, 11am
Race HQ: King Edmund School, Brays Lane, Rochford.

Organiser: Ben Willy
Commissaire Bob Ruszowski & Phil Jemmision
Chief Marshall Barry Simpson
Timer Start Denise Kemp, Julie Kane & Russel Whitford (holder)
Timer Finish Jamie Maidment & Adrian Cartwright
Safety Officer Ben Willy
Signing On Carol Cartwright - please report to HQ at 9am
Refreshments Jordan Kemp, Eileen Bristow & Helen Morley
Car Park Chris Smith (snr) & Rick Gill - please report to HQ at 9am
HQ Timer & Handicapper Martin Harris
First Aid  
Marshalls Please report to HQ by 9:30am.
  HI Vis Jackets will be issued and must be worn. Red Flags and other equipment will be used to ensure any hazards are identified and marshalled.
  Chief Commissaire will conduct  a briefing at HQ at 10:15am
Location   Accredited Marshall Marshall
Starter Barrier to Car Park   Denise Kemp, James Kane & Nick Elliston
MP1 Brays Lane before roundabout Len Gordon Peter Stiff
MP2 50m before Brays Lane / Hyde Wood Lane junction   Lesley Pearce
MP3 Lambiurne Hall Road / Creeksea Ferry Road   Liz and Gavin Archer
MP4 Traffic Calming, Anchor Lane Peter Swanwick Arthur & Chris Knowler
MP5 Larks Hill Road / Hyde Wood Lane   Les Bantock & Dave Wybrow
Lap Counter 100m before Hyde Wood Lane / Apton Hall junction   Andy Merchant
Finish 75m before Hyde Wood Lane / Apton Hall Junction   Jamie Maidment & Adrian Cartwright


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