A Day at the Races
Katie-Ann Elliston at the RTTC National Closed Circuit Championships

Paul Hart and Katie-Ann were both representing the Wheelers at this event. Katie-Ann travelled down the day before and got a great nights rest at Salisbury. The alarm went off at 6am, quick shower and breakfast, and away by 7am. We had a short drive to the circuit and Katie-Ann managed to sneak out on to the track for 1 lap to give her an idea of what it was like but the morning mist was so bad it was hard to see and you had no idea were the corners were until you were upon them, but it gave her a good feeling and the drag up to the finish was a lot harder than she thought it was going to be.

Then off to the main building to sign on and get her pack and have a quick look at the trade stands and begin her preparation for the warm up and start. At 9.03:30 Katie-Ann was off for her 5 laps. Paul had arrived at the track after setting off early in the morning to drive down and giving Katie-Ann a big shout as she passed for each lap. Nicky, Hannah and I had walked down Pitt Lane and to the edge of the track to help Katie Ann count down her laps, as it was the riders responsibility to pull off the track and go down the final straight to get your finish time. Even with our help she nearly missed the Pitt Lane being on the left hand side of several riders and had to take evasive action not to hit the wall or other riders.

She had finished in 30 min 14sec for her 11.7 miles then came in for a warm down. Katie -Ann managed to have a quick chat to Paul and pass on some information about the course as he was going to have to race the course unsighted. Luckily by then the mist had lifted and Paul was off to start his warm up. At 11:01 Paul was under way and we cheered Paul through each lap. He was looking good and he was flying. His laps ticked by and he came tearing down Pitt Lane to get his impressive time of 23min 25sec. Both riders had a great mornings racing and felt there should be more events held at these kind of great venues. When the results were in Paul had finished in 8th place.

Katie-Ann had finished 2nd in the 16 year old girl category and 6th in the juvenile and junior girls category. There were nearly 300 competitors racing at this National event.



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