Via Rhona Day 4
Vienne - Valence

We woke up to a very un-south-of-France wet morning; in fact it was raining quite heavily but both BBC and, more importantly, Meteo de France had weather clearing and warming up, though with a small chance of showers. That banished any talk of getting the train to Valence and by the time we had loaded the bikes up, the sun was starting to win the battle with the clouds. Vienne is a nice little town but ruined by having the N7 go straight through the middle of it. With many drivers refusing to pay to use the motorway, it is a busy road. It did not bother us though as we immediately crossed the river and joined a lovely stretch of cycle path before a couple of miles through a wooded section. The tranquillity was ruined by a thunderstorm, but luckily not in our immediate locale, though there were some ominous looking clouds further south. The west bank that we travelled down was very pleasant, though the east bank had a lot of commercial activity.

The weather did take a turn for the worse and we did have about half an hour of gentle rain, though being the south of France, it was warm rain! After the wet spell, the sun came out and it got very warm. That must have been why we lost concentration again and took the obligatory wrong turn, though it was a nice bridge tat we crossed. The route continued through orchards and forests and passed campsites and we had lunch in Saint Vallier, another small town blighted by the N7. We crossed the river and were now in true 'Cotes du Rhone' country, though I much prefer a Pastis to a red wine,

Anyway, back to the cycling. We rossed the river at the delightful villages of Glun & La-Roche-de-Glun and then rode into Valence past the confluence of the rivers Isere and Rhone and another hydroelectric plant. 62 miles and only 2 days left.

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Rain Jacket Required! Plus some industry on the opposite bank
Such a nice bridge so we crossed it only to return straight away.
Another bridge, you do see a few when you follow a river.

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