2020 Winter Racing and TT News


December 2019 - Check out the ECCA Website Racing Page to see the trophy winners from 2019:
Junior BAR (Eddie Bolton Memorial Trophy): Katie-Ann Elliston
30 Mile Championship - Second Place: Paul Hart
50 Mile Championship - Second Place: Paul Hart
100 Mile Championship (Allondon Trophy): Paul Hart
Map Reading Championship (FV Banks Memorial Trophy): Jane & Martin Harris

December 2019 - Not really racing or TT news but there isn't much going on at this time of year but congratulations to David Pennington, Jennie Page and Martin Harris for completing the Festive 500. Let the webmaster know what you are up to!

Thursday 26th December - Essex Roads Boxing Day Xmas Handicap TT
David Pennington 31:34, Jamie Maidment 36:16, Andy Merchant 42:27, Jennie Page 42:35, Katie-Ann Elliston 53:09

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