97 Years old and still going strong

This weekend 97 years ago, 10 May 1923, Southend Wheelers posted their first announcement in the press, inviting riders to come along and join its first club run to Epping on 13 May. That was the start of our long history of Club runs, Open promotions, Town centre cycling, Cyclo-cross and MTB racing in Essex, National Championship events, Paralympic Championship events and a whole host of other successful open promotions, combined with a full weekly racing league calendar.

Looking through the club archives and in particular the month of May, we have found some key events in that 97 year history:
10 May 1923 – First press article announcing the formation of the club
13 May 1923 – First club run
23 May 1940 – Wartime Open 25 promoted
4 May 1956 – The club promotes its second Road Race, The Mid Essex Road Race – 1st place going to the late Roy Godbeer (Spit to those who knew him), then of the Comet CC
9 May 1964 – The club promotes its first Kermesse race on Southend Seafront to celebrate the town’s 50th anniversary
1987 – 1993, 2015 & 2016 – Winners nine times during the 41 year history of the ECCA Festival weekend, more than any other club

Happy birthday Southend Wheelers


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