2020 Summer Racing and TT News


25th October - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (Club Members Only)
Unfortunately ongoing road-works has resulted in cancellation of the final race of the season. Final Tables

October - Covid Update
Essex, but not Southend, has moved up to Tier 2 which means that members of different households can no longer go together into the same cafe. Rule of 6 applies to outside, including riding groups. Castle Point and The District of Rochford count as Essex. Essex rules apply in Battlesbridge and the Garden Centre Cafes along Lower Road and in Great Wakering.

18th October - 2020 Club Hill Climb, North Hill, Little Baddow

Pos Name Cat Time Notes
1 Chris Peugniez Sen 1:56 2020 Hill Climb Champion
2 Matt Stock Sen 2:01  
3 Chris Smith Vet 2:11 First Vet
4 Cavan Burrows Juv 2:14 First Junior
5 Jamie Maidment Sen 2:21  
6 Jan Harvey LV 2:46 First Lady
7 Tom Womack Juv 2:51  
8 Andy Merchant Vet    

17th October - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
The bigger news of the day was the unfortunate cancelling of the ECCA Hill Climb at Radar Hill this afternoon but the morning activity saw that rare tie in a time trial with Adam Jones & John Gretton both recording 19:46. Dan Walsh was fastest overall in 18:00, Barry Simpson Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Standard with 18:54, Jan Harvey Fastest Lady (20:53) and Tom Womack Fastest Junior (23:07).
Results    Tables

10th October - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
A windy morning but both Barry O'Hare (21:08) and Tom Womack (23:00, Fastest Junior)) set PBs with Dan Walsh (17:09) was fastest overall, Matt Stock (18:33) second and Adam Jones (20:05) rounding off the podium as Fastest Vet. Jan Harvey as Fastest Lady and First on Vet Age Standard. Cavan Burrows has secured the first title though as he now cannot be beaten in the Juvenile Category.
Results    Tables

3rd October - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
A combination of poor weather and road-works means that today's race is cancelled but with 8 races still (potentially) available the league is still best 5 results to count

27th September - Lea Valley 30, E1
James Jenkins (Richardsons-Trek) was second with a time of 1:03:09

26th September - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
A cold windy morning greeted the riders (and marshalls) as Autumn made a sudden appearance. Barry Simpson drew on his years of racing experience to set the fastest time overall and First on Vet Age Standard, Matt Stock was second and Jan Harvey rounded off the podium as fastest Lady. Elsewhere Chris Madden resumed his domination of the hand-cycle category and Tom Womack was fastest Junior.
Results    Tables

26th September - Maldon 10, Steeple E21
Jamie Maidment, riding for East Plants not Pigs, was 30:56, fastest rider on the day was James Jenkins (Richardsons-Trek) with 20:43

20th September - ECCA 25, B25
Steve Shore 1:15:49, James Jenkins (Richardsons-Trek) 49:15

19th September - SW Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
A windy morning saw 10 riders set a PB with David Pennington and Jennie Page taking the (unofficial) course records with times of 16:09 and 18:54 respectively. Dan Walsh was second fastest, debutant Henry O'Kill third. Jennie Page was also Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Standard.
Results    Tables

19th September - Maldon 10, Steeple E21
Dan Salmon's time of  23:39 was somewhat eclipsed by Simon Alexander (20:59), James Jenkins (20:39) [both Richardsons-Trek] and Alex Dowsett (Israel Start-Up) 18:59

September - Covid Update
With restrictions being reapplied small changes will be made to our current activities. Saturday Time Trials should be able to continue but it is important that riders do not congregate after the race. Please ride to Canewdon, race the Time Trial and ride home. Results will be published later.
Sunday club runs should be able to continue as long as riders remain in their 6-person groups and do not mingle with other groups. Staggering the timing of and/or location of coffee stop will aid in maintaining social distancing

12th September - ECCA 10, E2
Jennie Page 7th Lady with 24:33, Steve Shore 25:01, Andy Merchant 25:11 and ride of the day was Mike Hennessy's 29:05 setting a new Age Record for 79
Age Records

12th September - Maldon 10, Steeple E21
Dan Salmon 24:03, fastest rider was Simon Alexander (Richardsons-Trek) in 20:33re

12th September - Southend Wheelers Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
Another good turn out with 24 riders with most riders setting a Course Best. James Lonergan went one better and set the new (unofficial) Course Record in 16:42. Unfortunately Course Records are only official for Open events, club events don't count as official times/records. Dan Walsh was second with Katie-Ann Elliston both Fastest Lady and Fastest Junior in 19:12. Martin Sutton was Fastest Vet and John Gretton First on Vet Age Standard. Results    Tables

6th September - ECCA 25 Mile TT, E9
David Pennington was 8th overall with a time of 56:06 and Jennie Page set a PB of 1:06:27 as 4th fastest Lady

5th September - Southend Wheelers Saturday 7, Canewdon E36 (club members only)
26 riders participated in the first of 8 Saturday 7 mile TTs including 5 Hand-Cycles. James Lonergan was Fastest Rider in 17:05 with 2 Daniels, Walsh and Salmon, rounding off the podium. Barry Simpson was Fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Standard, Chris Madden Fastest HC, Rachel Newman Fastest Lady and Cavan Burrows Fastest Junior. Full Results   Tables

31st August - Essex Roads SPOCO 25 Mile TT, E11
David Pennington was 19th overall with a time of 57:58 and Jennie Page set a PB of 1:07:41

30th August - National 10 Mile TT, Newbury H10
Katie-Ann Elliston was one of 100 Juniors completing the course in 26:01

22nd August - East Anglian Vets 10 Mile Time Trial, E2
Dan Walsh set a PB of 24:02 and Jennie Page 26:19

23rd August - 2020 Track Championship
11 riders braved a windy day at Herne Hill for the 2020 Track Championships. Results

15th August - ECCA Ladies 10 Mile TT, E2
Only 21 riders were given times for this event due to an accident, Jennie Page just pipping Katie-Ann Eliston with times of 23:32 and 23:37. Jennie's time was her PB and is just 32 second behind Jenny Patience's club record and Katie was 2 seconds outside her Junior record.

9th August - Essex Roads 24 Mile Time Trial, E22 (Birch)
David Pennngton was 11th with 55:59, Jennie Page 37th in 1:05:22 and Andrew Merchant 39th in 1:06:01

August - Phased resumption of Group Rides for Club Members
With lockdown easing, Southend Wheelers are resuming group rides for club members only. Social Distancing and group size limits will be adhered to. Our usual base of Canewdon Village Hall is still not available so the intention is, from Sunday August 30th, for the traditional orange/red/black groups to start at Canewdon Village Hall at 9am, ride in groups of 6 or less, pick up other riders and possibly regroup at The Hawk in Battlesridge and return to the new cycle cafe at Battlesbridge at 11:45 (ish)

19th August 2020 - 10 Mile Time Trial, Steeple E21
Our second and final race of the season was a wet and windy night, though the rain eased for most of the race. David Pennington was again fastest Wheeler with Dan Jenkins fastest Vet and First on Vet Age Standard. James Lonergan set a PB to take First on Handicap and Katie-Ann Elliston set a CB to get revenge on Jennie Page in the battle of the Ladies. Elsewhere Mike McCarthy, Nicky Hark and Roger Marriott set PBs and Chris Smith a CB. And we had a tie between John Gretton and Andy Merchant. Fastest rider on the night was Robert Staines (Pedal Heaven).
Results     Tables

5th August 2020 - 10 Mile Time Trial, Steeple E21
Thanks to Jamie Maidment for his constant monitoring, and implementation, of the rules surrounding competitive events in our current easing-out-of-lockdown world, we were able to run a couple of Wednesday Time Trials. The races were restricted to club members only, including second-claim members from Richardsons-Trek and HPC. The first event on 5th August included 5 Personal Bests and 3 Course Bests. Fastest Wheeler was David Pennington in a CB of 21:45, Dan Jenkins was Fastest Vet, Dan Walsh, Matt Stock and Ben Bowler all set PBs, Steve Shore was First on Vet Age Standard and Dan Walsh First on Handicap. It looks like Covid-19 took away a great battle in the Ladies Event; Katie-Ann Elliston set a CB of 26:28 but was eclipsed by Jennie Page's CB of 25:50. In the Juvenile category Cavan Burrows set of PB of 30:34. Elsewhere Martin Harris set the Fat-Tyre benchmark of 32:32 mischievously saying "I hope that the Xmas TT is snowed-off, that way there is one guaranteed ticket sold to the Awards Dinner".
Fastest riders on the night were James Jenkins and Simon Alexander of Richardsons-Trek with Rob Staines (Pedal Power) rounding off the podium.

July 2020 - Covid Update

July 2020 - VTTA 50, Newark
Steve Shore set a new Age Record for 73 with a time of 2:16:37. Apologies to Steve, but the highlight of the race was the second fastest 50 ever (beating our own Paul Hart) by John Archibald in 1:34:11. Age Records

July 2020 - Shaftesbury 50, E2.
At last some racing news from the ever-popular E2 course. David Pennington set a PB of 1:51:18 and Jennie Page set a PB of 2:08:49, taking a whopping 17 minutes off her previous best.

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