Moments in club history: November

Every month we publish moments from our club history – this month we take a look at the winter month of November.

The club run
Winter is normally time for the club run, however, things at present are different…

The club run is the staple of grass roots cycling and a great way to meet a wide cross section of your club, from the club champion (even National or World champion), to the novice rider, whilst getting fit in the process. Clubs around the country like Southend Wheelers will have a history of club runs, with some taking place during the summer months, travelling out as added support at events, as well as the winter version.

It’s cold, maybe wet and windy, with light snow across the fields. You think you’re going for a harmless Sunday morning bike ride to get the winter miles in. In fact, you’re entering a history of etiquette where gestures and cryptic expressions are maintained. Riding at a steady pace to keep the group together, you’ll venture out on to the smaller lanes of our county and beyond, find new hills to climb and a world of cafes where a coffee and cake awaits before the ride home. But get home you will, if the bonk catches you out, punctures ensue, or some other kind of mechanical failure falls upon you, riders will be on hand to push you back home, or to a safe place where you can be rescued. One thing is for certain, most people on a club run, have, at one time or another, been pushed home.


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