Southend Wheelers Cycling Club
Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 13/08/2021

Your Data
When you join Southend Wheelers, we collect your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number(s). You are also advised to supply an emergency name and contact number. Details of current members are securely shared to various committee members to allow them to fulfil their roles within the club. As a British Cycling affiliated club, your e-mail address will be entered into the British Cycling club portal to enable you to receive e-mails detailing forthcoming club activities. Only a restricted list of club committee members has access to this data and it is only used to keep you updated with club activity. Your data is not shared with any third parties, unless you choose to enter any activity such as racing that requires some of your data to be shared with a third party such as a racing governing body.
Details of lapsed members will not be kept for more than 3 years, excepting any race, time trial or other event report or results that have been published online, in printed form or in local press will not be removed. Race and Time Trial results and award winners remain a permanent record of club history and include names and racing categories*.

Publishing Your Data - racing and time trialling
If you enter any race or time trial, your name and racing category* will be published in the results, league tables and potentially in any race report. The locations that data is published varies according to the type of event. In addition to the details below, reports of any event may be submitted to the local press and/or published on the open facebook page and/or included in any end-of-season review, club awards or handbooks. Your name and Racing Category will also be sent to the CTT (Cycling Time Trials) as part of the levies paid.

Club Events - your name and racing category* will be published on the club website and closed facebook page. Club events such as the Road Race Championship and Track Championship may also require that your details be shared with the governing body and/or event insurer.

Inter-club and shared events - Some events advertised to club members, including those that form part of the annual leagues and awards, are run in-conjunction with or totally by other clubs. Your name and racing category* will be included in their publications.

Open Events - Some events advertised to club members, including those that form part of the annual leagues and awards, are run by other clubs and/or in-conjunction with bodies such as BC (British Cycling), ECCA (Eastern Counties Cycling Association), CTT (Cycling Time Trials), VTTA (Veteran Time Trialling Association), TLI (TLI Cycling) or BMCR (British Masters Cycle racing, formerly the LVRC [League of Veteran Racing Cyclist]). If you enter these events, your name and racing category* will be passed to and published by the relevant governing body and/or organising club.

Publishing Your Data - Miscellaneous

Other Activities - If you choose to partake in other activities such as Ride Leading, Coaching or Go-Ride , your details may be shared with the relevant governing body and/or insurer.

Other Club Promotions - General club activity outside of racing and time trialling may be published on the web-site, open and closed facebook pages and/or local press. Reports may include photographs. If you do not wish your name and/or photograph to appear in any such reports, please inform the webmaster, press secretary and Facebook Group Administrators. See our Club Contacts for details.

*Racing Categories - Road Racing and Time Trialling Racing Categories are defined by gender and age category but vary slightly by governing body so please refer to the relevant body. The Club Rules should also be referenced as we have different rules for Juveniles and Juniors for Club Time Trials
- based on the year of or date of 16th birthday
- based on the year of or date of 18th birthday
Senior - from end of Junior status to 40th birthday
Espoire -
Southend Wheelers does not recognise Espoire as a separate category for competitions or awards but other clubs and/or governing bodies may refer to Seniors up the year of their 21st birthday as an Espoire.
from your 40th birthday onwards, with additional categories based on age bands
Para Cycling
- Additional categorisation applies to Para Cycling. For further details refer to the relevant governing body(ies).

Any complaints on the Privacy Policy should me made in writing to the President and Chairman.