Age Related Time Trial Records

Veteran Age Related Time Trial records can be found on the following pages. Records are listed for Men, Ladies, Mixed Tandem, Men's Tandem, Ladies Tandem, Men's Tricycle and Men's Team.

10m Page - 10 Mile Time Trials
25m Page - 25 Mile Time Trials
30m Page - 30 Mile Time Trials
50m Page - 50 Mile Time Trials
100m Page - 100 Mile Time Trials
12h Page - 12 Hour Time Trials

2018 - what a start to the season. Hardriders aside, the traditional season-opener is the ECCA 10 at Six Mile Bottom. Mike Hennessy has set a new Age Record in the middle of March! Ian Mackenzie has set a new age record for 71 on his Trike at the TA 25 and for 72 for 100 miles in Kent and Steve Shore has set one for 72 at 10 miles

2017 was been a good year for records with 8 records set:
Mike Hennessy has set 2 each at 10 and 25 miles
Steve Shore has set records for 25 and 50
Ian Mackenzie has set records for 10, 25, 50 and 100 and for 12 hours on his Trike.