Wednesday TT League 2017

Marshalling duties for Wednesday Time Trials will appear here. For 2017 this rota is being managed by Jamie Maidment; regular riders of the Wednesday events are expected to volunteer. Any questions please ask Jamie at Steeple on Wednesdays or by e-mail.

Last Updated: 21/01/2017

Date HQ Notes Timer Asst Timer M1 M2 M3 M4
12th April Steeple 2-Up Denise Kemp Simon Smith Peter Stiff Ian MacKenzie Steve Shore Carol Franklyn
19th April East Hanningfield   - - - - - -
26th April Steeple   Dan Jenkins Jamie Maidment Steve Shore Hannah Kane Terry Butcher Carol Franklyn
3rd May East Hanningfield   - - David Pennington Hannah Bardell Les Bantock  
10th May Steeple   Dan Jenkins Jamie Maidment Lesley Pearce James Kane Hannah Kane Carol Franklyn
17th May East Hanningfield   - - - - - -
24th May Steeple   David Pennington Lesley Pearce - - - Carol Franklyn
31st May Steeple Non-Aero Denise Kemp Jan Harvey Julie Kane James Kane David Butler  
7th June East Hanningfield SPOCO - - - - - -
14th June Steeple   Adrian Cartwright Carol Cartwright - - - Carol Franklyn
21st June East Hanningfield   - -        
28th June Steeple   Denise Kemp         Carol Franklyn
5th July East Hanningfield   - - - - -  
12th July Steeple   Carol Cartwright Adrian Cartwright - - - Carol Franklyn
19th July East Hanningfield   - - Les Bantock David Butler    
27th July Steeple   Terry Butcher         Carol Franklyn
2nd August East Hanningfield   - - - - -  
9th August Steeple       - - - Carol Franklyn
16th August East Hanningfield   - - Paul Hart      
23rd August Steeple 2-Up     Peter Stiff Julie Kane Simon Smith Carol Franklyn