Club Rides

Club Rides

From Sunday 6th October 2019 we are reverting our club rides to start and finish at  Canewdon Village Hall at 9am, splitting into up to 4 groups depending on rider numbers. Each group will be colour coded according to speed and distance, note that the GREEN group will start from Canewdon Village Hall at 10am:

GREEN - gentle rides for novices or those returning to cycling after a long time away, for around an hour and a half, at a pace of 10-12mph or at the speed of the slowest rider.

BLUE an easy ride for recreational and leisure riders, but for whom riding in a group might be a new experience, for about 2 - 2 hours, at a speed of around 12-14 mph. The ride leader(s) will ensure everyone sticks together and no-one gets dropped. It is recommended that non-members and other riders not used to group riding who wish to join us begin in the blue group even if they are capable of riding at a faster pace before moving up, if appropriate, to the red (or black) group.
The route ridden by the Blue Group Ride on 7th January can be seen here (Google Maps). This is an example of the sort of route this group will be riding. There is the option to extend the ride by utilising the lanes around Canewdon.

ORANGE - a ride of  2 - 3 hours at an average speed of around 14-16 mpg. The main difference to the blue group is not to have a defined leader / rider at the front of the group but for all riders to take equal turns and to learn the routes around Hanningfield and Danbury.

RED a traditional club-run for riders used to riding in a group, averaging around 15-18 mph over 2 or 3 hours, but the pace may vary with the terrain. However, the ride will re-group at the tops of hills etc. to allow stragglers to catch up and not get dropped.
A selection of red group (and other) routes can be seen here

BLACK a challenging ride for experienced riders used to riding at pace in a close group where many will be using the ride as part of their race-training. Averaging 18-20 mph over 3 hours or more, it is to be expected that some riders may get dropped. Whilst it is not the intention to leave anyone behind, participants must be prepared for such eventualities and be self-reliant enough to get themselves home unassisted.

Please remember to bring sufficient food and drink with you as well as basic tools including a puncture repair kit / spare tubes and pump / gas cylinder.

Click here for our Welfare Notice for Youths, Juniors and Vulnerable Adults on group rides

Click here for a selection of popular routes from Canewdon / Battlesbridge

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