2021 Marshalling Duties

A message from the marshalling secretary

Dear fellow Wheelers,

Great news, it looks like we will shortly be able to get racing underway for the 2021 season. Please see the table below for the dates that are now scheduled for the 2021 season.
ECCA events: we have been asked to provide 8 marshalls over 3 events, 1 at Redbridge and 2 on the E2. As always we ask that if you take part in the ECCA events you also assist with the marshalling. You can often be allocated a duty that lets you ride the event.

These events can only take place with the help and assistance of club members so please e-mail me at marshalling@southendwheelers.org and let me know what events you can help out with. Please nominate 3 events that you can volunteer for, the reality is that I will only need you to marshal a couple of events if everyone volunteers but I may use your 3rd choice if the other dates have been filled.

We have roles to suit everyone from driving lead cars, timekeeping, sign on, marshals and serving the refreshments so please say if you have a preference. Or if you can't give up the time to stay for the whole event, let me know and I can assign roles for an early start and finish.
If you are new to the club we can also pair you up with a more experienced club member who can show you the ropes, it's a great way to meet other club members and see the events that we organise.

Our biggest events are the Andrews Road Race and the Norman Wells 50 mile TT. Please consider helping out at these events as these are our open events that require the most support.

The Andrews RR is a fantastic event, most of the marshalling jobs on this race allow you to get a glimpse of the race and see some of the top riders in action as it's an Elite 1st, 2nd and 3rd category race. Many thanks to Trevor Mills who has volunteered to organise the race this year.

The Norman Wells is the open 50 mile time trial organised by Arthur Knowler, again this is an open event and also requires a large number of marshals on route so please also consider volunteering for this event as well. Itís a nice early start so youíll be home for lunch!
Some marshalling duties will still enable you to participate and ride in the event itself so please ask if you would like to do this.

Please e-mail me marshalling@southendwheelers.org nominating your events.

Cheryl Perry


Event Date Course / Venue A Req Confirmed
ECCA 10 Sat 26th June
E2 ECCA 2 Simon Smith, Nicky Elliston
ECCA 25 Sun 5th Sep
E2 ECCA 2 Andy Merchant, Elaine Brumsby
ECCA 10 Sat 11th Sep
E2 ECCA 2 Andy Merchant, Elaine Brumsby
Easter Egg TT Mon 5th April Steeple, E21 Dave Pennington 10 Martyn Franklin, Carol Franklyn, Jan Harvey, Dan Wilson, Dan Walsh, Carol Cartwright, Adrian Cartwright, Louisa Compton, Cat Wooley, Steve Kemp
Club Road Race Sunday 13th June Redbridge Cycle Centre Adrian Cartwright 10 Matt Kane, Julie Kane, Dave Whybrow, Carol Cartwright, Louisa Compton, Les Bantock, Michael McCarthy, Arthur Knowler, Chris Knowler, Cheryl Perry, Andy Merchant, Steve Shore, Martin Harris, Jane Harris
Championship 10 Sunday 20th June Steeple, E21 Jamie Maidment & Jane Harris 9 Matt Kane, Adrian Cartwright, Carol Cartwright, Paul Gibbon, Martin Harris, Dave Pennington, Steve Shore, Sally Burrows, Richard Burrows
Norman Wells 50 Sunday 4th July Steeple, E21 Arthur Knowler 6 more Chris Knowler, Jordan Kemp, Dave Whybrow, Matt Stride, Matt Stock, Les Bantock, Barry Simpson, Barry O'Hare, Chris Smith, Cheryl Perry, Nick Elliston, Trevor Mills, Dave Pennington, Dave Whybrow
Chelmer v Southend Interclub Sunday 8th August   Andrew Grant 6 more Terry Butcher, Barry O'Hare, Mike Street, Cat Woolley
Track Championship Sunday 15th August Herne Hill Nick Elliston &
Bob Barber
5 Mike McCarthy, Mike Street, Arthur Knowler, Chris Knowler, Cheryl Perry, Jorja Perry
Andrews Trophy Road Race Sunday 22nd August East Hanningfield Trevor Mills   Martin Franklin, Jan Harvey, Julie Kane, Denise Kemp, Dave Whybrow, Dan Jenkins, Cheryl Perry, Andy Merchant, Elaine Brumby, Matt Stride, Terry Butcher, Fred Little, Matt Stock, John Gretton, Jane Harris, Dan Salmon, Les Bantock, Barry Simpson, Mike McCarthy, Mike Street, Arthur Knowler, Chris Knowler, Steve Shore, Bob Barber, Cat Woolley, Kevin Smith, Tony Gowers, Chris Smith, Jennie Page, David Pennington, Dan Walsh, Simon Smith
Club Hill Climb Sunday 17th October Little Baddow tbc 5 Matt Kane, Julie Kane, Denise Kemp, Jordan Kemp, Louisa Compton
Christmas Pudding 10 Sunday 19th Dec TBC tbc tbc