2017 Marshalling Duties

A message from the marshalling secretary

Under the rules of the Club, all current senior members are required to carry out a minimum of 3 duties,

Here is a table showing the known marshalling requirements and the current volunteers this year's Wheelers and ECCA events. It will be updated regularly.

As you can see we still have loads of gaps so please volunteer to fill them. Please e-mail the marshalling secretary (marshalling@southendwheelers.org), and if possible the event organiser, for the events that you would like to cover. Please refer to the club contacts page for other e-mail addresses.

There is a separate rota for the Wednesday Time Trial League here which is known to the regular riders and is managed by Jamie Maidment. Please e-mail him for any questions. wednesdaytt@southendwheelers.org

Thanking  you for your assistance.
Denise Kemp

Last Updated 15/06/2017

Event Date Course / Venue Organiser Requirement Confirmed
Burnham & Baddow Challenge 5th Feb East Hanningfield Mike O'Kill Lots! Signs - Mike O'Kill, John Gretton, Zena Shean & Mike Shean
Parking - Chris Smith III
Signing-on - Les Bantock, Adrian Cartwright, Lesley Pearce, Peter Stiff
Rider Dispatch - Mike O'Kill
Kitchen - Mike O'Kill
Easter Egg TT 17th Apr Steeple E21 Baz   Baz (Timing), Dan Jenkins (Ass Timing), Anthony Miller (Spotter), Jan Harvey & Hannah Kane (Signs & RA), Chris Knowler (Catering), Annabel Barry, Michael Slade, Robert Greenfield, Carol Franklyn, Kevin Harwood (Marshalls) & Phil Warner (Whipper)
ECCA Festival - Road Races 29th Apr Hog Hill ECCA   Les Bantock, Martyn Franklyn, Phil James, Cheryl Perry
ECCA Festival - TT 1st May High Easter E92
High Easter E91
ECCA   5TT - Robin & Carolyn Bevan, Denise Kemp, Steve Shore
10TT - Robin & Carolyn Bevan
Club Hilly TT 14th May South Hanningfield Les Bantock   Les Bantock, David Butler, Richard Dean, Jon Ellis, Phil James, Arthur Knowler, Andy Merchant, David Pennington (signs), Steve Shore, Simon Smith, Peter Swanwick
Club Road Race 4th June Hog Hill Adrian Cartwright 5 Jane Harris, Martin Harris, Carol Cartwright, Julie Kane, James Kane
Hog Hill Circuit Races 10th June Hog Hll   2 Dave Whybrow, Adam Jones (snr)
ECCA 10 25th June Bulphan E34 ECCA 1 Barry Simpson
Norman Wells TT 2nd July Steeple E21 Arthur Knowler   Carol Cartwright, Richard Dean, Nick Elliston, John Gretton, Phil James, Arthur Knowler, Chris Knowler, Ian MacKenzie, Andy Merchant, Lesley Pearce, Hayley Williams, Jane Harris, Denise Kemp, Dave Whybrow, Mick Hennessy
ECCA 10 6th July E9, Chelmsford ECCA 2 Jamie Maidment, Zena Shean
Championship 10 9th July Bulphan E34 David Pennington   Mark Klein, Anthony Miller, Phil Warner,  Peter Stiff, Paul Kelly, Jenny Harley, Phil Chapman, Peter Harley, Baz & Eileen Bristow (timing) 1 More needed
Club Track Championship 16th July Herne Hill Adrian Cartwright   Carol Cartwright, Adam Jones (snr), Peter Swanwick, Nicola Wright. 1 more needed.
ECCA 10 23rd July Bulphan E34 ECCA 2 Lesley Pearce, Peter Stiff
Over The Hill Criteriums 30th July Hog Hill Fred Little   Adam Jones (snr), Andy Merchant, David Pennington, Cheryl Perry, Danny Tape, Ben Willy
Southend Criteriums 12th Aug Hog Hill Terry Butcher   Jane Harris, Hannah Kane, James Kane, Julie Kane, Dave Whybrow
Andrews Trophy 10th Sep East Hanningfield Ben Willy   Les Bantock, Robin Bevan, Carolyn Bevan, Terry Butcher, Richard Dean, Nicky Elliston, Nick Elliston, Robert Greenfield, John Gretton, Jane Harris (Catering), Mike Hennessy, Dan Jenkins, Denise Kemp, Steve Kemp (First Aid), Helen Morley, Nick Morley, Cheryl Perry, Barry Simpson, Chris Smith (snr), Simon Smith, Hayley Williams, Colin Woodard, Nicola Wright, Dave Whybrow
5 more needed
ECCA 3-Up 17th Sep Birch E22 ECCA 2 Dan Jenkins, Steve Shore
Championship 25 24th Sep Steeple E21     Liz Archer, Annabel Barry, Michael Slade, David Butler, Jane Harris (Catering), Kevin Harwood, Arthur Knowler, Chris Knowler, Ian MacKenzie, Peter Swanwick, Nicola Wright, Paul Hart, Russel Whitford, Chris Smith III (signs). 2 more needed
Club Hill Climb 22nd Oct North Hill EH07 Mike O'Kill 6 Martyn Franklyn, Richard Gill, Julie Kane, Denise Kemp, Barry Simpson, Martin Sutton
Christmas TT 17th Dec Steeple E21 Baz   David Butler, Jon Ellis, Martyn Franklyn, Denise Kemp, Richard Gill, Kevin Harwood, Hannah Kane, James Kane,  Anthony Miller, Chris Smith III, Martin Sutton, Mike Slade, Annabel Berry