2018 Marshalling Duties

A message from the marshalling secretary

Dear fellow Wheelers,

The dates are now set on our events calendar for the year and it's time to step up and choose the three events you'd like to volunteer for. Our calendar is quite exciting this year as we have some really good spectator friendly duties including the Andrews Trophy Road Race, The National Para cycling Time Trial on our local Canewdon Roads and a National Para cycling Road Race at Hog Hill which is expected to have an exceptionally high turnout of competitors. We are very lucky to be hosting these Para Cycling events and hope you will help us by giving your full support.

I have attached the list of all the events we need marshals for and included the number of volunteers required for each event. The duties at our own Time Trials (highlighted in green), include Timekeeper and Assistant time keeper, serving refreshments, pusher-offers, marshals, putting out the signs etc.. so if you have a preference please add it to your reply. Some duties still enable you to participate in the event itself so please ask if this is the case.

The duties have been colour coded this year to help us fill our requirement as fairly as possible. Please choose 4 events. You will not be required to do 4 events but we may use your 4th choice if the other dates have already been filled.

Please choose at least 1 event highlighted blue. These events need full club support.
If you entered an ECCA event last season please choose at least 1 event highlighted in yellow, (please note that a request has already come in for 2 marshals on Good Friday, 30th March from Trevor Pedley). The rest is up to you. Obviously the sooner you reply with your preferences the more likely you are to be volunteering at your chosen events.

There is a separate rota for the Wednesday Time Trial League here which is known to the regular riders and is managed by Jamie Maidment. Please e-mail him for any questions. wednesdaytt@southendwheelers.org

Thanking  you for your assistance.
Denise Kemp

Last Updated 23/03/2018

Event Date Course / Venue Organiser Requirement Confirmed
National Paracycling TT Sat 9th June, am King Edmund School, Rochford. E36/7 Ben Willy 19 Martin Harris, Denise Kemp, Jordan Kemp, Cheryl Perry, Andy Merchant, Peter Stiff, Lesley Pearce, Liz Archer, Gavin Archer, Adrian Cartwright, Carol Cartwright, James Kane, Peter Swanwick, Chris Smith (snr), Les Bantock, Rick Gill
National Paracycling Road Race Sun 10th June, pm Redbridge Cycle Centre Ben Willy 12 Chris Smith III, Cheryl Perry, Andy Merchant, Terry Butcher, Chris Smith (snr), Les Bantock
Andrews Trophy Road Race Sat 15th September, pm East Hanningfield Ben Willy 35 Denise Kemp, Jordan Kemp, Dan Jenkins, Terry Butcher, Cat Rushton, Paul Hart, Nicola Wright, Ian Mackenzie, Peter Swanwick (acc), Chris Smith (snr), Simon Smith, John Gretton, Julie Kane, Bernadette O'Reilly, Les Bantock, Nick Elliston, Nicky Elliston, Dave Whybrow, Kevin Smith & Mrs Smith (Lead Car)
ECCA 25 Fri 30th March Leaden Roding, E91 ECCA 2 Jamie Maidment, Ian Mackenzie
ECCA Weekend Sat 5th May 13:45 Redbridge Cycle Centre ECCA 2 Peter Stiff, Lesley Pearce
ECCA Regional B Road Race Sun 6th May 13:30 West Hanningfield ECCA 4 (2 Race + 2 Convoy) Dan Jenkins, Carol Cartwright, John Gretton (Radio), Kevin Smith (Car)
ECCA Championship 10 Sat 19th May Six Mile Bottom ECCA 2 Jamie Maidment
ECCA 10 Sun 24th June, 08:00 Leaden Roding, E91 ECCA 2 Jamie Maidment, David Pennington, Jennie Page
ECCA 25 Sun 9th Sep, 08:00 E6 ECCA 1 David Pennington, Jennie Page
ECCA 3-Up Sun 16th Sep, 08:00 Birch, E22 ECCA 2 Chris Smith III, Paul Hart (Simon Smith)
Easter Egg TT Mon 2nd April, 09:00 Steeple, E21 Denise Kemp 17 Sign on / Refreshments: Cat Rushton, Chris Knowler
Signs & Risk Assess: Les Bantock, Paul Hart
Pushing: Russel Whitford, Phil Warner
Timing: Denise Kemp, Steve Kemp
Spotter: Steve Wisbey (EETC)
Corners: Rob Thomas (EETC), James Kane, Mike Street, Chris Smith (snr), Mark Klein, Carol Franklyn
Club Hilly TT Sun 29th April, 09:00 South Hanningfield Les Bantock 10 Cheryl Perry, Andy Merchant, Jane Harris (refreshments), David Pennington, Peter Swanwick, Martyn Franklyn, Simon Smith
Norman Wells 50 Sun 1st July, 07:00 Steeple, E21 Arthur Knowler 14 Peter Stiff, Terry Butcher, Cat Rushton, Jane Harris, (refreshments), Ian Mackenzie, Chris Smith (snr)
10 Mile Cup Sun 8th July, 08:00 Bulphan, E34   17 Matt Kane, Peter Swanwick, John Gretton
25 Mile Cup Sun 23rd Sep, 09:00 Steeple, E21   16 Jane Harris (refreshments), Cat Rushton, Liz Archer, Nicola Wright, Ian Mackenzie, Bernadette O'Reilly, Charmaine Sterling
Club Hill Climb Sun 21st Oct, 10:00 Little Baddow   5 Matt Kane (timing), Paul Hart, Julie Kane, Rick Gill
Christmas Pudding 10 Sun 16th Dec, 10:00 Steeple E21   17 Matt Kane (timing), Chris Smith III, Paul Hart, James Kane, Martyn Franklyn, Chris Smith (snr)
Burnham & Baddow Cycle Challenge Sun 11th Feb, AM East Hanningfield Mike O'Kill 6 Zena Shean, Lesley Pearce, Bob, Jenny, Jamie Maidment, Chris Smith III
Club Road Race Sun 3rd June, PM Redbridge Cycle Centre Adrian Cartwright 6 Matt Kane, Mike Street, Carol Cartwright, Julie Kane, James Kane (David Pennington, Peter Swanwick)
Chelmer 25 Sun 17th June E9   7 Ian MacKenzie, Steve Shore
Club Track Day Sun 15th July, PM Herne Hill Adrian Cartwright 6 Carol Cartwright, Nicola Wright, Bernadette O'Reilly
Over the Hill Criteriums+ Sun 29th July, AM Redbridge Cycle Centre Fred Little 3 Mike Street
Southend Criteriums Sat 11th August, All Day Redbridge Cycle Centre Terry Butcher 15 Mike Street, Martyn Franklyn, Chris Smith (snr), Rick Gill, Dan Jenkins, Dave Whybrow, David Carey