VTTA (Veteran Time Trial Association which organises veteran handicap competitions and sets the veteran age handicaps for the UK)

The VTTA have completely revised the age handicaps (which the club also uses for its own vet handicaps) and has decided to base the handicaps on the performances in previous years of each group. This has had the effect that poorly supported categories (e.g. younger riders, particularly ladies) have gained substantially while well supported categories (e.g. older riders, particularly men) have lost heavily. For example:

1. Formerly a 40 year old lady rider would have the same handicap as a 48 year old man, now in a 10 mile TT she has a better handicap than a 65 year old man.

2. Formerly a 40 year old man would concede 5 minutes 30 seconds to a 65 year old in a 10 mile TT, he now he only concedes 1 minute 59 secs.

This has caused deep divisions within the membership and even talk of the formation of a separate organisation. If you are a younger vet, especially if you are a lady there is now much more reason to take an interest in veteran handicap events (including the club vet handicap competitions


Local Time Trial Courses
The CTT allocate each approved course with a code; for instance the 10 mile course we use at Steeple is known as the E21/10. The letter E signifies it is in the Eastern Region. 21 is the course number and 10 indicates the distance. Where the basic route of the course is incorporated in longer distance events the i.e. 25 miles it become E21/25. Approved courses may be used by any club but some may use different HQs close to the start. Listed below are the courses we most often use for our competitions. The location shown is that of the HQ we would most commonly use.
Course Normal HQ
E1 Ugley
E2 Brinkley (10), Newmarket (25 & 50)
E7 Tendring (10), Great Bromley (25 & 50)
E21 Steeple Village Hall
E22 Birch
E34 Bulphan
E91 Leaden Roding
EH07 North Hill, Little Baddow